At Malaga Airport

Inside Malaga airport

At Malaga Airport there are a wide range of facilities available for both leisure and business travellers alike.  Below is a list of some of the services and facilities you can find at the airport:

Bars & Restaurants

There is a diverse selection of cafeterias, coffee shops, fast food outlets, American style bars, Italian restaurants, sweet snack stands, sandwich and ice cream kiosks and traditional Spanish gourmet eateries within the Departures and Arrivals areas of the airport.

Bars at Malaga airport >>
Restaurants at Malaga airport >>


Duty free shops sell wines and spirits, tobacco and jewellery in the airside Departures zone. There are also pharmacies, bookshops, newsagents and shops selling luggage, sports equipment, travel accessories, sweets, gifts, Spanish delicacies and electronic gadgets at Malaga Airport. Spanish fashion retailer Adolfo Dominguez also has stores in the Departures area.

Shops at Malaga airport >>

Business Services

For business travellers, Malaga Airport has VIP Lounges with internet connection, fax services, telephones, television, complementary newspapers and self-service drinks and snacks. The General Aviation Terminal has a bespoke lounge for private aeroplane passengers.

Travel Services

Within the airport Departures and Arrivals areas, there are international car rental desks, foreign exchange counters, cash machines, emergency medical defibrillators, medical centre, tour operator desks, multi-denominational chapel and police station. In addition there are several internet access points and wifi is available throughout the Terminal buildings. Malaga Airport is also home to the Malaga Museum of Air Transport.

Lost Property

There is a lost property office located in the main terminal building and they can be contacted on:

+34 952 048 837 or +34 952 048 851

Please note that AENA are the operators of Malaga airport and we at are unable to help with any missing property queries.

Disabled Facilities

Malaga Airport has undertaken a number of modifications to ensure that its facilities are more accessible to disabled passengers. There are lifts and ramps throughout the terminal buildings, drop-off zones with lowered pavements, reserved seating, priority security zone, adapted air bridges and designated information points.

Disabled facilities at Malaga airport >>

For The Kids

There is a colourful children’s play area at Malaga Airport and designated baby changing facilities through the terminal buildings.

Malaga Airport Map

Our Malaga airport map shows the location of the airport in Google maps.

Photo: Airport Travel Group. All rights reserved.


Comments (32)

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  1. Steven Shaw says:

    Are there facilities to leave luggage when check in is not open. We have a 9.30 pm flight and would like to spend the day in Malaga without luggage? Thanks.

    • TravelGuy says:

      Unfortunately and mainly for security reasons there is nowhere where you can leave your luggage at the airport.

      If you have a hire car then maybe ask the hire car company if you can leave the luggage at their premises but apart from that I can’t think of anywhere else you could leave it.


  2. Mrs Baker says:

    Is there anywhere in the airport once you have cleared customs(Departures) where you can smoke?
    Many Thanks

    • TravelGuy says:

      Unfortunately not. Once you are through to departures there are no smoking areas at all.

  3. countess eltz says:

    Last sunday early afternoon I lost my camera at the airport. Gate D area. Is there a lost and found office? Thank you!

    • TravelGuy says:

      There is a lost property office at the airport, it’s located in the main terminal building. You can contact them on +34 952 048 837 or +34 952 048 851.

  4. Kay says:

    My grandaughter who is 15 will be travelling back to the UK on her own. Can I accompany her through to the departure lounge.

    • TravelGuy says:

      As far as we are aware you will not be able to go into the departure lounge for security reasons without a boarding pass I’m afraid.

  5. Maggie says:

    Is there a lounge in arrivals (paying) where you can wait for another flight to arrive

    • TravelGuy says:

      Hi Maggie. Not as far as we are aware, we’ve certainly never come across it if there is one. There is a seating area in arrivals where you can wait but you’d be better off exiting the arrivals hall and going upstairs to where the bars and restaurants are and wait there instead.

  6. Mr Pekka says:

    Is there any way how to get back items that were taken by the security check before the flight?

    • TravelGuy says:

      Generally not unless you requested this at the time when they confiscated your items.

  7. Graeme Caird says:

    Is there any safety deposit boxes where i can keep any valueables at the airport

    • TravelGuy says:

      For security reasons you cannot leave any belongings at the airport I’m afraid.

  8. Diana says:

    My flight leaves Malaga on Wed 4th July at 16.25 to Southampton, UK. What time should we be at the airport to check in? Thanks

    • TravelGuy says:

      You should always aim to be at the airport two hours before your flight leaves. That’s generally when the check in desks open and it gives you enough time to get through to departures, have a coffee and make your way to the departure gate. Have a great flight 🙂

  9. GJohnson says:

    Are there any MasterCard ATMs in the arrivals/main area of the airport?

    • TravelGuy says:

      There are cash machines located upstairs in the main departures area of the airport.

  10. James says:


    I am flying tomorrow from Malaga, I need to print out my boarding pass to avoid discretionary charges, are there facilities to do this at the airport? x

    • TravelGuy says:

      That’s a good question and off the top of my head I can’t actually think of anywhere you could do this at the airport itself. If you are staying at an hotel you can ask there or try a local cyber cafe type place before you get to the airport, as they have printing facilities.

  11. Katie says:


    Where is the calderon cargo terminal? Have exhausted every possible map I’ve found and still have no clue!


    • TravelGuy says:

      Katie, give them a call on +34 944711775 and I’m sure they’ll be able to explain exactly how to get to their depot.

  12. Joanna says:

    Our flight arrives in Malaga at 3.30am, and unfortunatley we cannot collect our hire car until 7.00am, are there any coffee places in the airport open at this time. We have children wth us???

    • TravelGuy says:

      That’s quite a horrible flight time! There is a bar upstairs in the departures area which is supposed to be open 24 hours a day, but I’ve never been at the airport at 3 in the morning to see if it is actually open. They do say they are open all day so your should be ok to at least get a coffee there.

  13. Brandon says:

    Next week im going to malaga and i arrive at malaga just before midnight. Could you help me and know where the taxi‘s are

  14. ian madison says:


    Is is easy to navigate out of the airport for a first timer hiring a car?

    What is the post code of the airport please?

    Thanks Ian

    • TravelGuy says:

      Ian, it’s best to see on Google maps before you start driving to see the route you need to take leaving the airport. If you are heading towards, for example, Marbella direction then you need to head out of the airport in “Cadiz” direction and then turn off when you see a sign for Benalmadena / Algeciras. You’re then on the main coast road from where you can get to any location.

  15. Don Wood says:

    Yesterday I left my camera in our hire car. The hire car company have my camera but will not arrange return.
    Can you recommend a courier or delivery service to collect and return it.

    • TravelGuy says:

      Unfortunately, apart from the main courier companies like MRW or DHL I’m not sure what company I could recommend that would do this. Whatever company you use though you will probably need the car hire company to box the camera up for you at least.