Parking At Malaga Airport

Airport car park

The car parking facilities at Malaga Airport have been split into separate areas to provide passengers and visitors to the airport with a number of options.

P1: Short to Medium Stay Parking

This car park is within easy walking distance of the main terminal buildings and is ideal for those meeting flights or accompanying friends and family to Malaga Airport. There are 1471 spaces, of which 47 are reserved for disabled parking badge holders.

The car hire companies also use this car park.

P2: Express Parking

The Express Parking area is ideal of visits of less than 30 minutes. It is adjacent to the Malaga Airport terminal buildings which you can enter via raised walkway or pedestrian crossing. There are 335 spaces, of which 11 are reserved for disabled badge holders.


P3: Long Stay Parking

Malaga Airport’s Long Stay Car Park is approximately 5 minutes journey time away from the main terminal buildings by courtesy bus. It has 354 spaces, of which 17 are reserved for disabled badge holders.


P7: General Aviation Terminal

Passengers travelling to and from Malaga Airport via private aeroplane use this car park which is next to the General Aviation Terminal. There are 46 spaces plus one reserved for disabled badge holders.

VIP Parking

There is a limited availability of VIP Parking. Users can deposit their vehicle with VIP Parking Personnel based outside the departures area and collect their vehicle from Arrivals on their return. Car valeting, maintenance, mechanical and ITV (MOT) services can be arranged.

Coach Parking

There are designated coach parking areas near the terminal buildings.


Photo credit:  Julian♦H

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  1. Rauni says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I have a question, if I travel away from Malaga – is it possible to leave my car for a couple of ours for some Malaga Airport parking space and keys to service/security officer, so my business partner who arrives same day to Malaga, during 2 hours after me departure, he can get my car keys and take the car for his use?

    Thank you for your feedback and assistance regarding my question.

    Rauni Tillisoo
    +34 633359934

    • TravelGuy says:

      I’m not there would be anywhere to do this if you parked in the normal short term car parks as I don’t think there’s anywhere to leave the key. If you use one of the offsite long term car parks I’m sure they’d be more than happy to service your requirements in terms of letting someone else (with your permission) pick up your car.